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Link to Learn More/Purchase The Products Below:

In addition to our workshops, we have available for sale market research papers, e-books, energy for homes and businesses, pre-paid legal services for individuals and businesses, and identity and fraud protection services.
You can purchase these products on the "Resources" page at the link above.
  1. Market research papers on the global military space market and business opportunities reducing US federal improper payments.
  2. E-book on WMDs and Yellow Cake found, secured and/or destroyed in Iraq from 2003-2009 - "With a Servants Heart: Greatness Walks Boldly"
  3. Link to Viridian website with information and instructions on purchasing electricity, natural gas and/or solar energy.
  4. Link to LegalShield website with information on instructions on how to purchase pre-paid legal services and/or identity theft and fraud protection.
After you select your paper or book selection (or energy or legal services plan), you will be asked for your credit card information. These transactions are completely secure.