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Our company is an innovative consulting firm specializing in strategic research and  planning in multiple markets (education, defense, energy and legal services).

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Dedication of Veterans Memorial in Corning NY
Colonel (R) Hollister was a guest speaker for the dedication

Mr. Hollister's LinkedIn Profile

Sherry L. Hollister and Gregory S. Hollister, CEO and President (Co-Founders)
Mrs. Hollister is CEO and majority owner of Hollister Enterprises LLC.  In that capacity she has ultimate oversight and authority for the strategic direction of the company.  In addition, Mrs. Hollister founded "Melt With Me" - a wholly owned subsidiary of Hollister Enterprises LLC which allows her the opportunity to create custom glass artwork, to include special orders and designs.  She has completed pieces for former Presidents of Universities, General Officers and the San Diego Army Advisory Council.
Mr. Hollister is a veteran, consultant and a published author. A PMP certified professional, Mr. Hollister holds degrees in management, economics and telecommunications.  His published works include analyses on the global military space market, business opportunities reducing US federal improper payments, and an e-book on Weapons of Mass Destruction and Yellow Cake discovered in Iraq from 2003-2009.  He is currently collaborating on a market analysis assessing opportunities in the global satellite communications market.